Bulk Buy Media Offers TV AD Production. For Only $250!

Surprisingly Simple and Affordable TV Commercial Advertising
Our goal is to help you get more business - without breaking the bank. That's not always easy, unless you really know how to get the most out of your TV advertising dollar. That’s not a problem with Bulk Buy Media’ cheap Pre-Packaged TV Commercial Plans and our selection of the best Cable TV Networks and Shows which will successfully drive your company branding to the appropriate TV audience, without the hassle of dealing with a representative or navigating the complex cable networks and shows! That's why the experts at BULK BUY Media have created Pre-Package TV Ad Plans! We don't submit dozens of off-the-wall ideas to potential clients. This saves us big bucks and lots of time, and allows us to concentrate on YOU, our customer. It's another way that we keep costs low and quality high - and of course, we pass every price break directly to you.

Let's get started. It’s EASY and AFFORDABLE!


Bulk Buy Media can do Custom Marketing Packages too!

Use Our Pre-Order / Contact Form to Expedite the Service

Here's all you have to do:

1 -

Ready to Order? Contact Us or Order via our easy Pre-Order online form. Let's get your advertising started and if you need a commercial, we can will verify your Order in detail, once we receive your contact or order information.

2 -

Send your payment to Bulk Buy Media. (We accept checks) or we can schedule a pick up time.

3 -

Once you Pre-Order Online; We meet with you over the phone - typically you'll want to set aside 1/2 hour for the call to go over your order and we will issue a run schedule, once your check is received.

4 -

Need a 15 Second TV Commercial! Upload your product photos, sales materials, samples, web link, print advertising, etc., whatever you can spare. Don’t forget your Company Logo Through Our Pre-Order Form. We will let you know if we need anything else or if additional design work is required. We produce your unique, 15-second TV Ad with sights and sounds, telling your customers what you’ve got, how to find you, and why you’re the best. Once production begins, we can create the finished commercial in no time - in as little as 1-2 weeks.

5 -

IF you already have all the needed Video-Quality Marketing Materials! We take charge of the creative process. So please upload your commercial for our review and we will be in contact.

6 -

We send you a VIDEO PROOF -- a preview of the completed commercial as a compact video clip, so you can see how it will look and verify that your contact information is correct. More extensive or additional design needed, we will issue flat rate quote to get your TV ad up to the appropriate quality.

7 -

IF you need Design work to create your Video! Bulk Buy Media will issue a flat rate quote to design or modify existing marketing materials to be TV ad ready. We send you our designs and meet with you over the phone - typically you'll want to set aside 1/2 hour to approve the modifications!

8 -

IF you need Web Design, Face Book Marketing or Graphic Design, just select it on your Order Form and we will get back with you or issue a flat rate quote for the required work.

OUR STREAMLINED TV AD PROCESS will quickly HELP YOU get MORE BUSINESS at an AFFORDABLE PRICE, without the hassle and time consuming tasks associated with TV Advertising or Marketing.

You can concentrate on what you do best – running your business

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